Find disk usage by file type

Published Fri 06 April 2012 by Daniel W

The script shown below will search all users files of a specific file type, and compute the total disk usage (in bytes) of each file type. The information is presented in a CSV that can be documented or achived for graphing.

The list of filetypes is drawn from a file referenced at the start of the script, edit this for your requirements.


# Initialise filetypes list
today=`date +"%Y-%m-%d"`

# Clear output before beginning
cat /dev/null > $output

# Begin looping through users
for user in `ls -A1 /home/`; do

# Begin looping through file types
for line in `cat $filetypes`; do \
printf $user/$line/ && find /home/$user/www/ -type f -name "*$line" -ls | \ 
awk '{total += $7} END {print total}'; \
done >> $output
sed -i '/\README_BEFORE/d' $output
sed -i '/\.cp/d' $output
sed -i '/\.jb/d' $output
sed -i '/cagefs-skeleton/d' $output
sed -i '/cPanelInstall/d' $output
sed -i '/cpmove-/d' $output
printf "Done.\n"

As per the previous script, the information is stored in the HTdocs folder of Apache.

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